Micheal Gibson has rejoined Phamily, he offers his
extensive knowledge of various music types, and he
also brings the good flavor to the table. (Literally)
Blessed with the skills of fine cuisine and the art of
making good music, Chef DJ Gin will help us to
become the best service providers that we can be.
DJ Gin
DJ Reminice
For those of you who may not know me, my name is
Ricardo and I am the founder and co-creator of this
organization.  We originated back in NYC back in 1988
on a nice summer day in the neighborhood.  I wanted to
create a team of individuals that serves as role models
and leaders for their family, friends and peers.  I believe
that our family is our strongest foundation, and we need
to appreciate this and respect the values that is holds.  
With these simple ideas in mind, we will continue to be:
Personable, Humble, Admirable, Mentoring, Intelligent,
Loyal and Young at Heart, as we aim to provide the best
possible services for our community and our clients.
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