Phamily Productions History

September 1988 in the city of Brooklyn, New York is where the passion
for music had begun.  I always had an ear for music, and had developed
the art of creating good listening music for other people to enjoy.  My
cousin Antonio and I used to make tapes for our friends and family
members m any years ago and we performed under the name R.A.T
Productions (
Rich and Tone) once we realized that this was a true
dedication for our pastime hobby that we both enjoyed, we then
brainstormed as to how we could improve our skills.  Soon after we had
began to perform and provide music for many local events, such as
Birthday parties, family gatherings, etc, while still creating many
different styles of mixed tapes.  As years progressed I had moved to
Daytona Beach, Florida to attend Bethune Cookman College.  As a
Mass Communications Major, I continued to learn advanced technology,
also while hosting an R & B show on the local AM school radio station.  
Meanwhile, Antonio had continued to promote events and parties while
still in New York City.  In 1992 I had relocated to Albany, New York
where I had created incorporating the concept of family with the art of
music.  In early 1993 I met up with my current partner Michael Terry
and together we formed the group called Phamily Productions
Entertainment.  Michael has been an on air personality for WCDB
Albany 90.9 FM for the last 17 years, in which he specializes in
Caribbean and Island Flavor rhythms.  Together Michael and I bring
well over 35 years of combined musical experience, in which we utilize
in any event that we host.  Our group consists of several members in
which everyone has a key role in ensuring that we can provide the
highest level of professional services for your event (ie. Hosts,
Hostesses, DJ’s, MC’s and Security).  We have hosted various events
stemming from community activities to corporate functions, birthday
parties to receptions. We specialize in providing smooth sounds in
Calypso, Caribbean, Classics, Dance, Disco, House, Jazz, Old School,
R&B, Reggae, & Slow Jams.  With the use of state of the art music
equipment and the combination of analog & digital audio sources, we
aim to provide the best possible performance for your event.  Today
Phamily Productions Entertainment has been known as one of the top
Professional DJ Service Providers in the Capital Region, providing
diversity & professionalism.  With the praise and support of our
friends, family and the community, we intend to continue to provide
services as needed.


DJ Reminice

Phamily Productions Entertainment
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